My First Video Game Review (Planetside 2)

So I decided that I wanted to do something a little different since my last three or four posts have been mainly about building computers. I promised that this site would also be about video games so I decided to do my first “review”/thoughts on a video game. Remind you I am not a video game reviewer so this may not be very interesting at all. Anyways my first video game will be over Planetside 2 since it’s my all time favorite game and I’m pretty sure that it’d be pretty easy to make a review of it. Anyways let’s get on with it.

About the game: Well the game is a mass multiplayer FPS game. There are three teams, The New Conglomerate, The Vanu Sovereignty, and the Terrain Republic. They hate each other and each team is trying to get more “power” which is land/victory points. There are four continents, each with their own unique landscape. Indar, is more of a desert continent is the most popular. Amerish looks like the rocky mountains, Hossin is a marsh, and Esamir is like the Antartic.

planetside 2

The blue team or the guy on the left is the New Conglomerate. The red team which is the guy in the middle is the Terran Republic. The purple team which is the guy on the right is the Vanu Sovereignty.

Objective: Okay well in this game there is a lot of tiny “objectives”, the main one though to each the most victory points to capture a continent. Anyways, I’ll get more into that later.

Tutorial: So the tutorial is known for being a little bit “confusing”, but pretty much it goes through how to shoot, who to shoot, what works with what, and the basics as to how to play. That being said, it doesn’t really go into how you’re supposed to play or what you’re supposed to do, rather just how you do it (if that even makes any sense). They have put a little mini noob place for people to test it out but it’s still confusing. Anyways, enough of that, that part probably didn’t even make any sense.

How to play: Okay, so like I previously said, there are three teams. You pick which of the three teams you wanna play as and to REALLY REALLY dumb it down, you shoot the other two teams. Now how do I “progress” or actually achieve stuff in the game? Well, the simplest way would be to just capture land.  First, you’d go to an opponent’s connecting land (land not colored with your teams color but has a DIRECT line coming from your teams land),


I just not realized this but the regions where you can attack are connected with the yellow lines instead of white. So for example, if you’re the blue team, you can only attack regions that are connected to you by one of the lines. So if you’re currently in the region with the exclamation mark, the only direct attack would be the region with the yellow line touching the region with the exclamation mark.

going to one of the letters on the map (the point), and waiting for the time to go down/”flip”. Once the point slips, you wait for the time limit (roughly 3 minutes) and if the opposing team doesn’t come and recap it, then your team captures the land.
If your team captures enough bases, you win victory points. Whichever teams wins 20 victory points first, wins the continent. There are other ways to get victory points besides just capturing the base such as creating hives, capturing certain bases, and winning alerts (which is just whichever team has the most land in a certain amount of time).

There are six classes, heavy assault, light assault, Infiltrator, Medic, Engineer, and MAX. Each class has its own unique “specialty” in which you can tinker around with and see which one you like the most.

  • Heavy assault has a shield and a rocket launcher as its specialty. Heavies are considered the strongest and are pretty much a bulky class that’s just there to sweep things clean. They’re like the “force” in an army (like the strong guys that everyone wants to avoid).
  • Light assault is not like the heavy really. Their specialty is a jet pack and a chaingun like a gun (I believe). They don’t have a shield so they aren’t necessarily strong. The jet packs are really just there to help you position, but learning to position can be very hard. Light assault is known to be a tricky class because it doesn’t really have a specialty to help you in battle.
  • Infiltrators have the specialty of cloaking/being invisible. They are the weakest class but their ability evens it out. They can also be very useful in positioning (which is key), and getting yourself out of tricky situations. The downside to using the cloak is that it only works for a limited time before needing to be recharged and when you run there’s a little glimmer of yourself that your opponents may see.
  • Engineer class is a support class. That means that it can potentially benefit not only yourself but your team. Engineers can repair damaged vehicles or things, deploy turrets, place a bunch of mines, and  that kinda stuff in general. This is the class (or at least the one you should be using) behind everything not infantry. If you wanna have a substantially better chance of staying alive when doing anything non-infantry then this is your class. As for infantry itself, the class does eh. The class doesn’t really have a specialty when it comes to immediate combat (so like no shield or revive), but it has stuff for before you engage in combat, like automatic turrets and mines.
  • Medic class is pretty much self-explanatory. You can revive yourself and others. You do have a limited amount of time that you can revive yourself before you have to wait for it to charge up. This class is really only good when it comes to helping others and if you like their guns because there are medkits/ways to revive yourself if you’re not a medic/there’s not one nearby. That being said, everyone loves medics because they can revive and replenish health. The more medics you have, the more likely your team will win in an even battle.
  • Max isn’t really a class. In order to use this class, you need resources and resources run out (they come back after a certain amount of time). Max’s are beasts. Honestly, I don’t really need to go into much about this class cause like you can guess what it is. They have like rocket launchers and close range weapons at the same time. So like, all in all, you don’t like MAX’s.

clas c

clas t

clas v

These are all the factions and their class outfits.

You can switch between each class whenever you’d like if there is a terminal near by.

Okay, so like “recently” they added something called HIVES and building bases and stupid stuff like that. Honestly, if you aren’t in a squad or in an outfit with other people helping you, you probably shouldn’t do this at all cause it’ll just hurt you and your team. Anywayssss, another way to earn victory points (which is how to capture a continent which is the main objective), is to build a base and create a hive. So when a continent becomes “playable”, there are 7 potential HIVES. Each team can go to any place on the map (besides warpgates which are safe spots), and create a base.
Now in order to create a base, you need something called cortium. And it looks like this: cortium
Cortium is a resource that’s just scattered all across a continent and acts as money. In order to get cortium, you need to go mine it with a vehicle called an ANT. An ANT looks like this:


This is a Terran Republic ANT. You can tell by its colors. Other factions ANT’s look the exact same except instead of red, it’ll have their color to it. Each faction does, however, have their own specific tanks which have their own special ability.

This itself takes a lot of work, and when you start building the base, you need to keep resupplying the base with cortium. That’s why it’s only advised to create bases near cortium. The stronger the base, the harder it is to destroy (obviously) and the closer the base is to the warpgate/ the deeper it is into enemy land, the easier it is to destroy (so you’ll get more rewards).

My thoughts on the game: I personally really enjoy playing Planetside 2. I love how it’s a mass multi player game, so it’s not just you and a couple other players. I also like how if you want a packed battle you can get one, but if you want a small one on one battle, it’s also available. Now there are other games that supposedly have this feel/game style but Planetside was ultimately the first to do it. I love the graphics of the game too. If you have a good computer, you can run the graphics on about medium to high and they look pretty decent. That being said, you do need a pretty good computer to run it (can’t just be any computer).
I love the whole structure of the game. I love how you’re basically free to do whatever you wish and however you please. There’s not just ONE way of playing the game. You can choose to play as a medic, or be a pilot, or be a MAX. It’s all really how you wish to play.
Now as much as the game is supposed to be played with others, as time has gone by, that has become more and more difficult. That being said, if you can play with others, the game becomes a lot more fun and interesting. Also from playing, I’ve heard a lot of people complain about the time to kill, so yea, that’s also a thing.

– The game is a mass multi player game. It has a really unique feel to it.
– It’s free.
– There’s no one particular way of playing the game. You can play however you like, they pretty much just leave you to do whatever you’d like.
– It’s not pay to win.

– The marketing SUCKSSSSSSS.
– You have to have a pretty good computer.
– It can get boring cause there’s no objective.
– It’s hard to learn.

Anyways, so that’s that. I know I’m pretty bad at this but hey I’ll eventually get better as time goes. Thanks for reading this though and please subscribe, comment, like, and share, it’d really mean a lot to me. Thanks and bye bye!



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